Voting is officially open for The 2012 Philebrity Awards! It’s our great pleasure to present our annual awards poll, which, as noted above, seeks to celebrate the people who make this city churn — the dreamers, the do-ers, the movers, the shakers. For years now, it’s been a point of honor to recognize the valuable contributions that so many of you make in ways big and small, be it through civic engagement, the arts, businesses, or, in many cases, just being yourselves. (You can view last year’s winners here.)

This year, we’ve made some changes from previous years:

· The New Lifetime Achievement Award! After pondering this for a long time, we’ve introduced this category to celebrate the lifers among us. Each year, we’ll nominate several players in a selected field who’ve brought serious game to that parcel of city life. This year, that field is radio. We think you’ll agree that everyone nominated this year is an absolute giant in their field. The Lifetime Achievement Award replaces Best City Print Publication, because really, who cares.

· There are now six nominees in each category! Up from five in previous years. Why? Because we’ll make more money off the bookies this way.

· Results will go dark on Friday, December 14th! Whaaaaaaaat? You heard us: In a break with previous tradition, wherein all could see voting results right up until the polls close, this time, we’re going to hide results for the last five days of voting. Winners (and readers) won’t know the outcome of the polls until the evening of Wednesday, December 19th, where they’ll be revealed at the Philebrity Awards & Christmas Pageant at Johnny Brenda’s. Polls close at 3pm on Wednesday, December 19th.

Vote now at philebrity.com/awards!

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