Philebrity Supports West Chester Pastafarians; For Indeed, JAH PASTAFARI

Reacting to perceived discrimination in West Chester, Pastafarian Minister Tracy and parishioner Tommy R addressed the Pennsylvania County Commissioners recently and spoke thus:

I became a Pastafarian three years ago when I felt my Lord speak to me. I answered him — Ramen — and have followed him ever since. As a Pastafarian, I believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the world and all that is in it. He holds us all to the ground with his Noodly Appendages, which explains why we do not float away. He gave us suggestions for living, called The Eight I Really Would Rather You Didn’ts, that guide Pastafarians in our daily lives. Our gospel makes it clear that Pastafarians are to stand for all that is good, and to stand against all that is not good.

Chant down Babylon, Pastafarians. Wah do dem; dem know nothing ’bout pressure.

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