And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: Philly Tops In LGBT Equality!


Philadelphia, November 29, 2012– The City of Philadelphia was ranked as the number two city overall for LGBT equality in the inaugural edition of the Municipal Equality Index, a new measure designed by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for LGBT Americans. Philadelphia was the highest scoring city of the ten largest cities and the highest scoring city without state legal protections.

“Philadelphia is a diverse city that embraces every person, no matter their race, religion, orientation or station in life. Our Administration is dedicated to equal rights for all, from our work through the Human Relations Commission to our LGBT protections and provisions to the Office of LGBT Affairs,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “I am proud that Philadelphia has been recognized for our inclusive policies and commitment to non-discrimination and our continuing fight for equality.”

The 2012 Municipal Equality Index is the first rating system of LGBT inclusion in municipal law. The Municipal Equality Index rated 137 cities across America including every state capitol, the 50 largest cities by population and 25 large, 25 mid-size and 25 small municipalities with the highest proportion of same-sex couples. Each city was evaluated on 47 criteria under six broad categories: non-discrimination laws; relationship recognition; employment practices; inclusiveness of city services; law enforcement; and municipal leadership.

Awwww yeah. Check out the report, complete with some white hot Richard Florida action, after the jump.

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