Yo Yo Yo Can We Give Some To The WHITE HORSE PIKE!?

The White Horse Pike, circa 1924, Camden, NJ.

Though there are many things we could say here about this season of Boardwalk Empire, and particularly the last batch of episodes (in short: it’s been face-meltingly crazy, and in fact we’ve seen two new melted faces in the past few weeks!), we will right now simply cop to a strange piece of Jersey Pride we didn’t even know we had. It came about on Sunday, when we heard eternally perturbed/endangered boss Nucky Thompson address Chalky White thusly:

“Get on the White Horse Pike and don’t stop unless I say so.”

Also known as your U.S. Route 30 in New Jersey. Also known as, quite possibly, the very soul of South Jersey, if not the whole state. Chartered in 1854, Rte. 30 was the most direct route from Camden to Atlantic City, and indeed still runs through SJ’s small towns and its very imagination. There’s books on it, God only knows how many books/stories/screenplays/movies it appears in, and to think that it might bring Nucky to safety, well… it just made us smile a little. Much love, White Horse Pike.

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  1. thegreengrass Says:

    The Black Horse Pike also goes from Camden to Atlantic City. True fact. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Horse_Pike

  2. Dan Says:

    face melting

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