Update: Dan Boobs Of The Daily Boobs Apologizes For Boobs

Just a few quick updates for those of you still apoplectic about the Dan Gross/John Bolaris/Erica Smitheman Twitter threesome freakout we posted about yesterday:

1. There’s a Reddit thread on this now, and it’s a whole lotta win.

2. Duhhhhhh, nothing ever dies on the Internet. (NSFW-ish.)

3. “Production Glitch” is the new “Wardrobe Malfunction,” and if there’s a computer or content management system out there that just accidentally posts boobs on the Internet, Danny, you should definitely let your old pals at TLA Video know about it. They would have great purpose for such a system.

3 Responses to “Update: Dan Boobs Of The Daily Boobs Apologizes For Boobs”

  1. Adam Grochowski Says:

    Wanna try that reddit threat link again?

  2. philebrity Says:

    Pardon the error! Fixed.

  3. Allen Crawford Says:

    What prudish times we live in. I’d rather my young relations see something as wholesome as a woman’s breast than a zombie getting its rotting head blown off.

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