Dummy Neighborhood Group Who Rolled Over For SugarHouse Suddenly Not So Hot On Casinos

The proposed Wynn casino for Fishtown, which would be plopped down just near Penn Treaty Park.
It would be upsetting if it wasn’t so totally and completely doomed.

Those of us who had any skin, neighborhood-wise, in the SugarHouse ramp-up a few years back will surely remember FACT (Fishtown Action), the neighborhood group that splintered off when the Fishtown Neighborhood Association melted down in disaccord between people in Fishtown who knew that a casino there was total bullshit and people who thought the casino would give a job to them or someone they knew.

Despite being founded as an act of all-the-way disheartening knuckleheaded-ness, FACT is something of an established thing now, having reaped the benefits of negotiating the Community Benefits Agreement with Sugarhouse. So when a FACT rep spoke up at a recent community meeting regarding the proposal by gaming magnate Steve Wynn to place Philly’s second casino in Fishtown, what those present heard was surprising:

“The FACT board does not support another casino in Fishtown,” said FACT (Fishtown Action) president Maggie O’Brien. “As a matter of fact, we do not support another casino in Philadelphia.”

To which we say: Ha. And: Ouch. Fishtown had to learn the hard way, but they did learn, apparently. Nevertheless, as neighborhood activist A.J. Thompson noted, the Wynn proposal is barely an embryo at present. And, if we are to extend the analogy further, it’s got a crackhead for a mom (in the two-headed hydra that is Wynn and the PA Gaming Board), and, sorry, that baby is just not gonna make it.

  • imspinningaround

    …FACT is something of an established thing now, having reaped the
    benefits of negotiating the Community Benefits Agreement with

    Maybe my reading comprehension skills need a refresher, but I read this more like FACT has to keep the relationship sweet with Sugarhouse (no pun intended) because they’re direct beneficiaries of Sugarhouse’s Community Benefits Agreement. As such, they can’t support the development of another casino project because they’ve gone all in (again, no pun intended) with the Sugarhouse people.

  • Maggie O’Brien

    Really is that what you read into that? FACT loves SugarHouse Casino…our neighborhood has reaped MULTIPLE benefits from SugarHouse including JOBS, tons of money for multiple organizations. And you think we have changed our minds???? That is pretty funny!!! This is why the world needs REAL reporters.

  • Marty Funkhauser

    You are why the world needs real humans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shen.j.tung Shen Jian Tung

    Wynn Casino in Fishtown riverfront makes the most
    sense. Fishtown and Its riverfront are
    so underdeveloped. The casino will jump
    start developments along the area. It is
    located at I-95 exit and commerial area.
    I believe the location being close to Sugarhouse is a good thing. It will create an entertainment area like Las
    Vegas. I am a Fishtown resident and I
    support Wynn casino in Fishtown!!

  • http://twitter.com/realsteveeboy steveeboy

    Then as now, FACT is FUCT. they support the crap hole that is Sugarhouse and now they oppose another project which–from the design stage, would be so much better on the river. The hypocrisy is amazing. I guess there are no jobs to be had from this project, no payoffs for local groups, etc. If Wynn is smart he will give out some free t-shirts, hold some barbecues, and shovel some snow for the local parish. that’s pretty much all you have to do to create an astroturf group in Fisthown in support of a casino project.