This Is The Last Week You Can Ask Septa For A Nice Rack

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater PhiladelphiaSEPTANJ TransitPATCO,DVRPC, and Open Plans have been collaborating to determine how transit stations can better accommodate bicyclists. Right now, like any good task force, they’re in the information gathering stage. They want to put up a rack, and they want you to tell them where to stick it. So if your personal SEPTA, PATCO or NJ Transit stations are in need of covered bike parking, bike lanes, or even safer intersections, click on this map and opine like a motherfucker. You often express your personal opinion on the interwebs, but how often do people ask for it?

The deadline for suggestions is December first, so you snooze, you lose (your bike to a junkie with a hacksaw).

One Response to “This Is The Last Week You Can Ask Septa For A Nice Rack”

  1. GroJlart Rhaandarite Says:

    Accommodate bicyclists? The transits stations can barely accommodate people… few are even handicap-accessible, and when they are, you have to use a piss-coated elevator and dodge bum droppings.

    The Bicycle Coalition lost me when they blatantly lied about the amount of people using the Spruce-Pine bike lanes.

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