POTUS To Come To Suburbs, Get Us Riled Up, Make Us Want To Fist-Fight Congress

President Barack Obama will be coming to Hatfield, PA this Friday to tour the Rodon Group and deliver remarks, according to NBC10, “to rally the public to pressure Congress to support his agenda,” which we’re sure is somewhere in his job description.

The pressure he is asking for is for Congress to pass his plan to raise revenue through higher tax rates in order to stop the looming Fiscal Cliff drop off from happening, and the Rodon Group is the perfect place, since they manufacture K’NEX Building Sets, so you can literally build that.

We assume on his way through town he’ll also swing by Philadelphia and personally high-five three judges that he nominated for the U.S. Disctrict Court. Or at least that’s what we would do.

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  1. Hi Says:

    lol yea i read your “snider is an ayn rand wingnut” post and this one kind of confirms my suspicion that you have no clue how economics works. “WE GOTTA RAISE TAXES ON TEH RICH MAAAAAAAN!!!” Even if you took all of Warren Buffett’s wealth, you could only fund the US govt for 4 days. Taxing the entire population for 100% of their wealth would allow us to fund the govt. for about a year. you are clueless. the only solution is to cut spending on welfare and warfare, and maybe even lower taxes on middle class, like getting rid of the income tax. but that would get the leftys and the rightys all too butthurt.

    anyone that reads this blog and takes advice from it needs to do some serious self analyzing to find out why you would listen to someone that is so misinformed with govt. propaganda.

    im sure you’ll respond with some shitty insult instead of reason and evidence or facts.

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