Eagles Fire Tim McDermott, Chief Marketing Officer, For Failure To Polish Turd

It’s very tough to blame Andy Reid for this skid mark of a season. As you well know, Andy has repeatedly accepted blame for not putting his players in a better position, and he may have indicated that he had to do a better job, in that regard. It cannot be said that the team’s offensive woes have not been addressed. To better position the O-Line, Andy has fired the punter AND the defensive coordinator.

This kind of bold problem solving is what makes the Philadelphia Eagles the Gold Standard NFL franchise to which other organizations aspire. And the philosophy is not just for the field. Monday, Jeffrey Lurie Fired Chief Marketing Officer, (and brother of previously fired DC Sean McDermottTim McDermott. Clearly sagging merch sales were his fault. So, the ship is getting righted. If you are among the Philadelphians who don’t feel forward progress is being made, you’re probably just lacking the proper info, since last week’s firing of Rob Zeiger, Director of Communications.

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