Dan Gross’ Column About John Bolaris’ Fiancee Tweeting For Him Was Accompanied By A Picture Of Her Boob

For any of you out there who made the unfortunate choice to follow either John Bolaris or Dan Gross on Twitter, Sunday night was a weird, Kanye West-esque circus of 140 characters or less. Bolaris’ fiancee Erica Smitheman took over his twitter account, and was drunk-tweeting that she would post a topless picture while cursing people out. The only person who seemed to really notice or care was Dan Gross, so of course his column today was about that. And what image was used to illustrate the story? A picture of Smitheman’s naked boob from Playboy, of course.

And today is the day that Philly.com officially out PhillyMag’d PhillyMag.

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