Mister Nutter Goes To China!


Monday, November 26, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Trip to focus on sustainability, arts/culture, health care, education & economic development

Philadelphia, November 26, 2012 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter will visit China this week to promote opportunities for investment in Philadelphia, strengthen relationships between key Philadelphia institutions and their Chinese counterparts, and continue to promote Philadelphia as a growing international city.

What? Oh yes: For these are the days of International Nutter! You know, the one who does things like release statements on the Israel/Gaza mess and so on. It’s not hard see what’s going on here — The Dude putting out the feelers for what a career on the national stage might look like, post-mayoral life, since PA is basically a dead end for the guy (sad, but true, no?). But this feels like one of the more transparent quick experiences designed to get Nutter bigger political chops that we’ve seen. Not hating, just saying. Fun facts about The Dude’s trip to China:

· He’ll also be attending a two-day conference on urban sustainability, because just like we are regarding PhillyMag/incarcerated food bloggers/etc., this is the insufferable conversation Nutter has to have everywhere he goes.

· But basically, it’s a U.S. Conference of Mayors thing, of which Nutt is the prez. They LOVE him.

· But then there is weirdness like this:

“China presents huge investment and export opportunities for Philadelphia and I intend to be very aggressive in promoting our city and attracting new investment, all of which ultimately leads to more job opportunities for Philadelphians,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “My message for this trip is that Philadelphia – increasingly recognized as an international leader on sustainability, healthcare, education and the creative economy – is ripe for investment and open for business.”

Everyone knows that China will never bring their iPad factory. We just don’t have enough soon-to-be-out-of-work Inquirer truck drivers.

· Also on the roster: A visit to our long-lost sister cousin on my father’s side, Tianjin, “a Chinese hub for clean energy technology and a Sister City of Philadelphia since 1980.” The more you know!

· There’s a whole graph in the press release about this dedicated to promo copy for Air China that is basically a plea to get them to open direct non-stop service between China and Philadelphia. “Philadelphia is currently the largest metropolitan area in the United States without nonstop service to Asia.” Hopefully, we’ll get it in time for when the entire Eagles organization is shipped over there.

·  Partners? Dude’s got ’em. Co-horts/co-signers on the trade mission include the Philadelphia Orchestra, Drexel University, Fox Chase Cancer Center, the law firm of White and Williams, and the China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia. Notably absent? Chickie’s and Pete’s.

The Dude and team will return to Philly on Dec. 6th. Until then, let’s build a gingerbread house!

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