Thanksgiving Eve: Your Handy Guide

Ah, yes: Thanksgiving Eve. Widely touted for the last few decades as the biggest party night of the year, mostly by people who have a vested interest in getting you drunk. (See: Beersgiving.) Is it a myth? It does not matter. Most of us do not need an excuse. Here, then, are your Thanksgiving Eve options tonight:

· Oh, we like this one a lot: Red Skiles And The Electric Hook-Up at Milkboy. This Red Skiles thing, as we understand it, is something of reunion for the once-beloved jam-ish band Town Hall. But that’s not what this is, exactly: It’s a bunch of dudes going all Last Waltz and covering The Band and Bobby Charles. A holiday vibe we feel year-round around here.

· As illustrated above by the inimitable Jonas Oesterle, Fergie’s hosts an entire evening of music and fun.

· DJ Pauly D at the Electric Factory. Two words: CHOAD SAFARI.

· Over in Fishtown, Interstate Draft House articulates everything Transplantadelphia has become: Turducken tacos and spiked Arctic Splash.

· HAVERTOWN WHAT: We’re not exactly sure what this craziness at the Rusty Nail is, but we can feel the vibration miles away that there will be something very Jay and Silent Bob about all of it.

· Speaking, tangentially, of the great era of MTV, DJ Lil ‘Dave goes New Jack City at Fluid. Fluid! Still open! Who knew?

· You could go even older school with Kenn Kweder & The Men From WAWA at The Tin Angel.

· Tommy Up officially opens Emmanuelle, his new cocktail bar.

· …annnnnnd Rock Tits at the POPE!

Got some more spots/things we didn’t mention? Leave ’em in the comments.

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