Rumblings: Old Chum

>>> I say, Old Chum! Quickly now: What is sadder than the line for lottery tickets at Fishtown Market, where ever sadsack punter’s dreams are deferred by a belief that It! Can! Happen! To! You? Answer: The fact that Tom Corbett, who I swear to you probably cannot even sneeze correctly these days, is poised to award the management of the whole scheme to a British company! As in, not an American company. And “scheme” because that’s how they appropriately characterize lottery programs in Jolly Old. [6ABC]

>>> And speaking of Old Chums: These guys. Fixing your parking tickets because once upon a time, that’s all that governing in Philadelphia was for. []

>>> And finally, a teeny tiny ray of hope: Larry Farnese calling for more transparency in the casino process because duh. Oh, Larry. Would but it could, Old Chum! [Metro]

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  1. Jay Farrell Says:

    Actually traffic court fixes traffic tickets, such as moving violations, not parking tickets.

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