Tonight At The Kimmel, The Marian Anderson Award Goes To … Darth Vader

Tonight, The Marion Anderson Award will be given to Mr. CNN, James Earl Jones.

The Marian Anderson Award was created to “celebrate critically acclaimed artists – individuals who have used their talents for personal artistic expression and whose body of work has contributed to our society in a singular manner.” Terrence Howard will hustle and flow the evening along as emcee. Past winners have included Mia Farrow, Dr. Cosby, Gregory Peck, Oprah Winfrey and Harry Belafonte. So we’re talking heavy hitters here.

But it ain’t all sunshine and caviar, The AFSCME district councils 33 and 47, joined by members of other City unions, religious, social justice and community groups, plan to be outside protesting the destruction of the peaceful planet of Alderaan calling on Mayor Nutter to settle fair contracts with all City worker unions.

The Force has a light and a dark side, choose well young Jedi.

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