Persons Of Pinterest: What Works For Pottstown Works For Philadelphia

A few months ago, we told you about the Pinterest page set up by the Pottstown Police Department, where they uploaded (or pinned, or whatever) pictures of wanted criminals. As a result, arrests in Pottstown were up 58 percent.

Now, following Pottstown’s lead, the Philadelphia Police Department has set up their own Pinterest page, though it is still in the early stages. Over on their “board” you can see images of robbery suspects, wanted criminals, smiling policemen with their dogs, and Charles Ramsey looking like he’s trying to figure out how his Blackberry works. Some pictures are more important than others.

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  1. Eileen Faust Says:

    Just a note: The Pottstown Police Department did not set up the Pinterest board you refer to. The board was set up by police reporter Brandie Kessler of the Pottstown Mercury and it includes photos from all area police departments, not just Pottstown’s.

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