All in All, I’d Rather Vote In Philadelphia: Election Observers Pleased With Our Brotherly Love

In a pre-election “Mississippi of the North” update, we told you how Harrisburg’s Voter ID shenanigans had warranted our state its very own independent election monitors. And on election day, there were a few kerfuffles, including a single, polite, black man, with a job and some hasty mixed media artwork additions to the mural of another, but all in all, it seemed like a pretty smooth, (for Philadelphia) election day. We checked in with Nat Parry, the logistics officer for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly which sent observers to Philadelphia.

Election day went very smoothly. The observers were well received everywhere they went, visiting a total of 9 polling places throughout the day in Philadelphia. One of our observers (Alfred Dubs of the UK) half-jokingly said that the biggest problem was that people were so friendly that it was difficult to leave a polling place once we entered, which limited our ability to observe a significant number of polling places.

Here is their post game wrap-up.¬†OSCE plans to release a full report in the next 5 weeks or so, but it looks like we didn’t throw snowballs at this particular Santa Claus, so breathe deep the air of functioning democracy, y’all.

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