Film Sweat: Bradley Cooper Is Our Ben Affleck

RECOMMENDED: Pat Solitano has problems. He’s bipolar, his wife cheated on him, his Dad is a bookie who is a little crazy himself, and to top it all off, he’s played by Bradley Cooper and he lives in Delco (ZING!). But for real, dude is messed up in the head. And (as much as it pains us to say this, and it does) Cooper, who seems to only want to do films with local ties, does a pretty good job playing crazy. Also, Robert DeNiro is here in his DeNiro-iest face scrunching-iest role in a while, but he fits the role perfectly, and wears some pretty fantastic Eagles Kelly Green cardigans while he’s at it.

Oh, did we not mention the Eagles? The Eagles. The whole plot loosely follows Pat Sr. (DeNiro) and his obsession with the birds, and DeSean Jackson gets name-dropped here more often than at drive-time on WIP. In fact, we’re a little concerned at how well the plot will play out outside of our area. Sure, people anywhere can relate to the obsessive nature of sports fandom, but — and we’re not kidding here — the closest thing the film has to a bad guy’s only defining characteristic is that he’s a Cowboys fan. No joke. And on top of it all, there’s brief mention of a Phillies World Series run, but not once do we see a Phils cap. These are not our kind of people.

Outside of all the sports stuff, The Silver Linings Playbook plays out much like David O. Russell‘s last effort, The Fighter. There’s family drama, one son tries to get in shape a lot, more family drama, family drama involving a girl, more family drama, and then a big athletic final act. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Tucker are in it too. Their characters are also crazy. Enjoy.

ALSO NEW IN THEATERS: Lincoln, which we discussed last week and — Spoiler Alert — will win like a hundred Oscars; and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which all of your more shameless friends have already seen.

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  1. thegreengrass Says:

    Lincoln is a congressional back room deal-making fan’s wet dream. Good movie.

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