Attn. Educators: You Can See Brooklyn Castle For Free This Weekend, And It’s Worth It

Brooklyn Castle, a documentary that follows the chess team at Brooklyn’s I.S. 318 (where chess champions are bred like football players in Texas) as they go from tournament to tournament, dealing with budget cuts, and trying to make it to high school (or the ranking they want to achieve). It’s a truly fantastic film, taking a look at an already exceptional school as it goes through changes out of its control, all while trying to provide the same level of comfort and quality for its students. Brooklyn Castle opens in select theaters this weekend, and one of those theaters is the Ritz at the Bourse, where teachers can see the film for free. All you have to do is show a valid Teacher ID, Union Card or pay stub at the box office to get your ticket, and the offer is good for one free ticket per teacher between Friday, November 16th and Thursday, November 22nd.What else are you gonna see this weekend, Twilight?

On the local side of things, ASAP (After School Activities Partnerships) has similar programs here, offering chess (and other after school) programs for at-risk youth. They even hosted the local premiere of Brooklyn Castle back in October, and brought us this great video of Cliff Lee whooping Cole Hamels in a pretty quick game. You can read more info about ASAP, their programs, and how to get involved over here. Help save the youth of America, etc.

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