Attn. Designers: Here Is A Contest For You, Bonus Points If You Like Weed

C’mon, if you went to art school, chances are you’ve got a passing familiarity with weed. And now, with some states just flat-out legalizing it for recreational use, it’s only a matter of time before mass marketed weed is sold on the shelves of your local Wawa. And while a great marketing campaign might not be necessary to sell something that most people already know about, it can’t hurt. That’s why, in the interest of … well … interest, local company Finch Brands has launched a Marijuana Brand design contest.

As the company’s President, William Gullan, told us, “Obviously, the culture has a lot of fun with marijuana users and the lifestyle, but brands would have to take this very seriously were they to launch it in the real world.” He continued, “Just like alcohol and tobacco, brands will have to create unique approaches – it can’t just be a bunch of stoner images. You could easily see premium marijuana brands inspired by bebop or by Kerouac or by other cultural ideas and movements. So while this is meant to be fun and funny, we’re really eager to see what it yields.” And in case you were getting a little too excited, Gullan told us there is no client waiting in the wings. He also stressed that this is not a master plan to crowdsource intellectual property or steal ideas from designers, it’s just for fun.

The basic layout of the contest is this: They’re looking for a logo, tagline, or whatever else you come up with. They’re most excited about product renderings (packaging, website, ads, etc.), and you can submit as many ideas as you’d like. The submission deadline is December 3rd, and voting will begin immediately after that. And what’s the prize? The prize pack for the winner includes such stoner essentials as some marijuana cookbooks, a $25 Taco Bell gift card, The Dazed & Confused soundtrack, a $200 Visa gift card, and more.

You can submit your entry over here after liking Finch Brands on Facebook.

3 Responses to “Attn. Designers: Here Is A Contest For You, Bonus Points If You Like Weed”

  1. John G Says:

    this is awesome!

  2. Allen Crawford Says:

    Great idea! Hey, I think I’ll hold a “contest” next week to see which plumber can fix my kitchen sink!

  3. Philip Dahl Says:

    They’ll get what they pay for.

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