Apropos Of Nothing, Here Is The Project To Build A Full Size Replica Of The Millennium Falcon

This is just a small part of it.

We appreciate ambition. And usually, when we’re talking about ambitious projects, we’re linking you out to Kickstarters and telling you stories of people’s hard work that has been ruined. We also usually only tell you about awesome projects in our own area, but every once in a while, something comes across our desk so cool that geographical boundaries be damned, we’re going to tell you about it. One of those projects if the Full Scale Falcon project, a mission to build of full scale replica of the Millennium Falcon.

Meet us after the jump to hear from the project organizer himself on why he decided to do it. Hint: He just wanted to.

Who wouldn’t want their own full-sized Millennium Falcon? Most people just dream about it, but Chris Lee decided to actually make one. As he told us, “To have my own Falcon had been a dream since seeing Star Wars as a boy. I’m sure I’m not the only one.” Lee went on to tell us that no one has ever done it before. In fact, even LucasFilm never constructed a full scale version of the ship, but Lee wanted to. “I first started seriously considering the Falcon as a project around 2005,” he told us, “I set up the website and started researching in early 2007. The land where the Falcon will be built was purchased in 2006. I had been working on my full scale R2-D2 and had become obsessed with full scale props and models, and the Falcon is my favorite space ship of all time, and so those two things combined into where I wanted to make my own.” And so Lee (and a bunch of others brought together through a common passion for building a goddamned Millennium Falcon), began building. You can check out tons of information on their build and photos of the ongoing progress over here.

And what’s the endgame? “We won’t be living in it,” Lee says, “We get asked that often. We’re crazy, but not that crazy. I hope to develop the land into a creative retreat and possibly a school or camp for the maker culture.” Lee says the structure will be permanent (so, you know, no flying the ship itself, but you can fly to it), but he hopes to have some parts of the build available for display Star Wars Celebration VII in Orlando in 2014. And hey, if they need to use the Full Scale Falcon to shoot some scenes for those new Star Wars movies they’re making, Lee hopes Disney will keep them in mind. It’ll at least save Disney some cash.

To find out more info (including a look at some of the incredibly intricate work being done for the sake of authenticity) and even offer your services, head over here.

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