The Metro Creates Online Memorial For Homicide Victims

There have been 1,654 murders in Philadelphia since 2007, 647 of them unsolved. Sometimes, to keep alive the memories of their loved ones, Philadelphians put up small shrines at the sites where their friends or family members died. The Metro is allowing people to do that online.

Today, the good people over at the Metro, the free daily newspaper, finished a three-day special report on these unsolved murders by publishing the names of the 647 victims of still unsolved cases, and have established a digital memorial they call a ‘memory page’ on their website where families and friends of victims can post their loved ones’ stories. The stories are a mix of related Metro pieces and personal letters written by those still waiting for answers. The hope is that the website will lead to people coming forward with information that may lead to some convictions in these cases.

We at Philebrity know the murder rate in our city is nothing to take lightly, and think it’s great that the Metro has taken a step towards helping victims and their families.

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