The Complete Streets Bill Will Be Discussed In The City Council Streets & Services Committee Tomorrow

The Complete Streets Bill, the product of a collaboration between Councilman Mark Squilla, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities, the Streets and Law Departments, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, will come to the floor tomorrow to be discussed by the City Council Streets & Services Committee.

The goal of the bill is to institute a “complete streets” policy in the code that authorizes the “creation of a Complete Streets Handbook to which all public and private transportation and development projects will adhere. Projects will follow the handbook and consider the needs of all street users during construction and design: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, transit riders, and people with disabilities.”

And, of course, the bill will make some changes to the way laws regarding bicycles and cars sharing the road are worded and enforced. The changes made in the bill’s Traffic Code include:

>>> Cars are prohibited from parking in bike lanes and fines will be of $50 or $75 for violations
>>> City fines for non-parking bicycle traffic violations will be aligned with state fines
>>> The fine for sidewalk bike riding will be raised from $50 to $75
>>> The code eliminates a law prohibiting bicyclists from riding two abreast
>>> The code eliminates a law requiring bicyclists to take a side path instead of a street
>>> The code makes opening a car door into traffic a city traffic code violation.

Amendments to the bill (which can be viewed in full here) will be discussed in the Streets and Services Committee hearing scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00PM in the City Council chambers of City Hal, and the bill will have its chance to be voted out of committee and sent to full City Council.

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