If Your Two Favorite Celebrities Are Andrew McCarthy And The Kool-Aid Man, You Are Weird But You Are In Luck

Oh, also Christmas. If you love Andrew McCarthy, the Kool-Aid Man, and Christmas, you should go to Macy’s at 1300 Market Street this Saturday.

To kick off the Christmas season (but it’s not even Thanksgiving you say? This is the way we live now), the Macy’s on Market Street is hosting a giant Holiday Window Display unveiling ceremony/party. As the Macy’s website tells us, “Santa and friends will kick off the festivities outside with the unveiling of our holiday windows! Enjoy special appearances from the Make-a-Wish kids, rising pop stars Jasmine V. and Young Statues, Andrew McCarthy, and your favorite Philadelphia mascot!” And at the same time, you can head to the Children’s Department to hang out with the Phillie Phanatic and the Kool-Aid Man, who we imagine falls into a deep depression every time someone says “Oh Yeah!” to him. So, just be thoughtful.

Why Andrew McCarthy you ask? Well, he’s there to sell his book and commemorate the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite Philly-set movie, Mannequin. And really, everyone should be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mannequin. So just make note, this Saturday is a full five days before Thanksgiving, but it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a first official kickoff to the Christmas season. Get used to it.

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    Hey, why isn’t Andrew’s name bolded? ;-)