Dept. Of WHAT THE FUCK: The Time Wally Kennedy Drilled Jerry Blavat On His Mob Connections Like His Job Depended On It

Yesterday’s revelation by Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi that he once threatened to ice beloved Philly DJ Jerry Blavat made some headlines, but it’s nothing compared to the hullaballoo raised in 1995, when the New Jersey Commission of Investigation (SCI) alleged, among many other things, that Blavat had once entreated Philly mob boss Nicky Scarfo to have then-rival oldies DJ Hy Lit killed. That was a big deal. Big enough that both Blavat and Lit felt compelled, for some ungodly reason, to go on Wally Kennedy‘s AM Philadelphia, which then ran weekday mornings on WPVI. It should have been a bunch of softballs, with the two DJs making nice, and sure enough, that’s sort of how it starts. But then Kennedy goes in for the kill. In the way that only Wally Kennedy could, which is sort of Howdy Doody as told to Geraldo Rivera.

Still, Kennedy gives a proper grilling, and shit got tense as Blavat doth protested, well, a lot. (Someone please make one of those soundboard things with the myriad of choice soundbytes in this clip.) Meanwhile, Hy Lit stands by, cold as ice. Now, we love us some Geator, love him like Stock’s poundcake transfat runs through our blood. But looking back at this interview is mindblowing and reminds us that, yes, this was quite a place once upon a time.

Hy Lit died in 2007 of kidney failure. Kennedy currently hosts on KYW Philadelphia. Blavat is still at large.

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