Philadelphia Has The Nation’s 5th (Or 9th) Best Music Scene, Says Guy Who Said It Had The 45th Best Music Scene

Statistics. Depending on which ones you look at, a vastly different image of an area can be gleaned from another. For example, when Richard Florida ranked the nation’s music scenes based on “Bureau of Labor Statistics figures on the concentration of musicians and, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis stats on music and recording industry business establishments,” Philly ranked in at a fairly miserable 45th. But when Florida looks at the numbers of musicians based off of MySpace data from 2007 (outdated yes, but still a pretty good measure), Philly ranks in at number five.

Now, if you take another angle on that data — the number of musical acts per 10,000 people — Philly misses the top 20. And using yet another angle — the degree of popularity of bands and acts from a given city or metro across all of Myspace — Philly comes in at number nine. So … there you have it? This is probably a more accurate measure (though dated) than the last one, but there’s still a whole bunch of data that changes almost every rank. Except for LA. LA always seems to be number one.

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