This Thursday At The Kelly Writers House, You Can Hear Some Very Smart People Discuss Bruce Springsteen

Even the most casual reader of the Philebs knows we have a special place in our hearts and souls for Mr. Bruce Springsteen. His music has, for years, stood for the life of the working man; his high points, and his heartbreaks. But the thing about Springsteen’s music that is often overlooked is the impact it has on the individual. For many he is seen (for better or worse) as this working class hero, but for those die-hards who see him every time he comes to town and whose ticket stubs number in the hundreds, that doesn’t matter. The personal connection that Bruce’s music has to them is what matters, not his politics or his working man aesthetic, but his music. And while you can walk into any corner bar in our fine city and find at least one man willing to talk your ear off about what Bruce Springsteen means to him, you’ll have your chance to hear some experts talk about it later this week.

This Thursday at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kelly Writers House, a bevy of intelligent musical minds will be discussing the music of Bruce Springsteen for the Springsteen Fest singer-songwriter symposium. The schedule of speakers (and the songs they’ll be discussing) is below:

>>> Al Filreis on “Land of Hope and Dreams
>>> Anthony DeCurtis on “Tunnel of Love
>>> Greg Djanikian on “Born in the USA
>>> Irwyn Applebaum on “Highway Patrolman
>>> Max McKenna on “Candy’s Room
>>> Grace Ambrose on “Spirit in the Night
>>> Nate Chinen on “The Promise
>>> Matt Chylak on “Backstreets
>>> Zoe Strauss on “Youngstown

Like the Dylan symposium last year, the event is free and open to the public, so you’ll probably want to show up early if you want to get your Boss fix.

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