Philadelphia Casino Developers And Protesters Are Revving Their Engines

That’s right folks, it’s casino season. Over the last month we’ve kept you updated on all the groups planning to bid for the city’s second and last casino license, including Bart Blatstein’s proposal to practically add a new section to the city and name it after a region in France. The deadline for casino builders to submit their proposals is this Thursday, November 15th.

Not surprisingly, most of the news on this topic has been about building the casino, because that’s most likely going to happen. For those who think that building the new casino should be … uh … not done, however, there’s been a decided lack of news. Until now.

Casino-Free-Philadelphia is dedicated to keeping casino gambling out of Philly, or at least minimizing it. In the past they’ve helped neighborhoods organize to keep casinos out of their part of the city and helped make Foxwoods Casino too much of a headache for Steve Wynn. Now that Mr. Wynn and a cadre of other casino-buildiers are back, Casino-Free-Philadelphia is getting ready to organize again.

Tonight CFP is having a ‘No 2nd Casino’ meeting at Arch St Methodist church, 55 N. Broad (a block north of City Hall), at 6:30PM. The meeting is open to the public, and we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of CFP.

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