UPDATE: Of Course Arthur Kade Is Connected To The David Petraeus Affair

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Arthur Kade isn’t connected to the David Petraeus affair in a fun way or anything like that, he just interviewed Paula Broadwell, the (now former) CIA Director’s biographer and mistress, and news outlets are posting his interview and mining it for quotes. The whole video above was posted with The Observer’s story about it, and quotes from Kade’s Broadwell interview litter the New York Magazine piece. To be fair, the quote that NY Mag uses is extremely fitting:

It’s not a hagiography, I’m not in love with David Petraeus, but I think he does present a terrific role model for young people, for executives, for men and women. No matter what, there’s a great role model there.”

But couldn’t she have said it to anyone else? Why Arthur Kade? WHY?

On a side note, regardless of if you think a person having an affair is grounds for losing your job or not, if the head of the CIA can’t keep his creeps on the down low, he probably shouldn’t be the head of the CIA.

Update: The woman that Broadwell sent threatening emails to, which caused the whole affair to be uncovered, has local ties.

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  1. Osama Yo Says:

    While Kade’s interview was timely, this clearly defines the situation

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