If You Have A Lot Of Disposable Income, You Can Buy Mick Jagger’s Love Letters To A Philadelphia Woman

Marsha Hunt, the Philadelphia born singer, novelist, actress and model that had a secret love affair with Mick Jagger and birthed his first child in the late 60s/early 70s, is selling some of Jagger’s secret letters to her at an auction in December. Hunt, who was the inspiration for “Brown Sugar,” stated pretty plainly to the Guardian that she’s selling the letters because she needs money. She said, “Anyone who has the impression that I have money knows nothing about me. I had friends who came to visit from Pennsylvania and there was no electricity in the house because the bill had been too high, I was kind of grooving it with a wood burning stove. One friend said, ‘surely you’ve got something you could sell?”

Damn right she had something she could sell. Jagger sent Hunt a series of letters from Australia in 1969 while he was filming Ned Kelly. The letters, which Sotheby’s manuscripts specialist Gabriel Heaton told the Guardian were “the best letters by Jagger to have come up at auction,” will be auctioned on December 12th, are set to fetch about £70,000-£100,000 (upwards of $100,000). So, you know, start moving some of that Christmas money around.

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