Now That The Redesign Is Out Of The Way, Bring On The Inquirer And Daily News

The redesign came and went last week and was, for the most part, a good thing. Also, snowflakes. But now that all of that is out of the way, it’s time for some serious redesign for the Inquirer and the Daily News.

The main change at the Inky is a page width change (four inches narrower) that would allow the paper to come down to the industry standard. In addition, there will be redesigned top-of-page indexes, improved comics and games pages (good, because we crushed that crossword yesterday), and a new weather page done in partnership with AccuWeather. Editorially, the paper has increased the size of their South Jersey and PA Suburbs staffs, to offer more news and content from the areas surrounding the city. The Sports section will launch “Sunday Special,” a more in-depth feature exploring serious, critical issues in sports. And oh yeah, with all of that redesign, the Inky will launch, presumably with fewer mall listings.

The Daily News, on the other hand, is going more in the direction of being column-heavy and BIG PICTURES, so … the usual Daily News stuff. Big Rube will have his second section of the paper with “Big Rube’s Party People,” Dan Gross will be moved to the front of the paper (presumably so people can flip past it faster), and there will be an expanded Horoscope page, because it is what people want, and this is the people paper. Not to be outdone by, the Daily News is launching a new tablet app, which can be seen here.

It is here where we ask the biggest question about all of this: How the hell was not taken?

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