The Casino License Application Deadline Is Coming Up, So Now Everyone Wants To Build Their Own Casino

And the number of proposals vying for Philadelphia’s second casino license is now three: In addition to the Bart Blatstein proposal, there is now one from the owners of Parx for a casino by the sports complex, and one from kind-of-dick Steve Wynn for the Fishtown riverfront.

Wynn, who apparently did not have enough fun with Foxwoods, has told the Inquirer that he is putting together a local impact report for the city and will apply before the license’s November 15th deadline. So far there is no rendering of what the casino would look like, but Wynn said it would resemble the Wynn Encore Hotel in China (image at right).

The response has been mostly what you would expect, with some even saying they’d prefer that realty show to this (we see what you’re saying, but neither please). But seriously, with all of the hype, time, money, and planning that has already gone into Blatstein’s “Provence,” we’d be shocked if that wasn’t the proposal chosen. Plus, is there a better place to lose your mind and soul and wallet while gambling than the Inky newsroom? We can’t think of one.

[Image via Forbes]

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