Rumblings: The Post-Election Blues

>>> Voter turnout was high in Philadelphia this Election Day, and speaker of the state House Sam Smith thinks it was a little too high, because the guy he didn’t want to win won. Also, bonus points for the extremely racist and anti-semitic comment over there. Those dudes are still hanging on. [CBS3]
>>> Post-election, the city’s top election official, Stephanie Singer, was ousted from her chair (you know, figuratively) by the only two other commissioners and replaced by them both as co-chairs. This probably has nothing to do with the election. It might, however, have something to do with those glasses. [Inquirer]
>>> And Newsworks tackled the issue of voter fraud and intimidation on Election Day, where they talked with Republican Kevin Kelly, and the now-ousted Stephanie Singer. It’s a fairly aggravating conversation between two people on the opposite side of the fence, but worth listening to. [Newsworks]

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