Misery Loves Company: Here Is A Whole Bunch Of Very Sad Romney Supporters

Our favorite Tumblr of the day, White People Mourning Mitt Romney, is a palpable and sane look at how some reacted to Sir Mittens’ loss to Barack Obama on Tuesday. A far less sane look at that loss is happening as we speak over here. It’s like Rick Santorum’s daughter’s face vs. the actual Rick Santorum. It’s all a bit dramatic.

[Photo from The Atlantic, via White People Mourning Mitt Romney]

One Response to “Misery Loves Company: Here Is A Whole Bunch Of Very Sad Romney Supporters”

  1. Frank Rizzo Says:

    Seems a wise strategy to put all ones eggs in one political basket. The very title of this Tumblr piece is racist. As are any and all inferences that Black Americans can’t be Republicans, or they must just be misguided and simply parroting the views of white people who have brainwashed them somehow. Offensive claptrap.

    so much for working together in a bipartisan fashion post-election
    and proving once again that Obama ran one of the most divisive campaigns in history. but then again, they also brought us Occupy, and attempted to stir up a race-riot over the Zimmerman-Martin case, using intentionally altered inflammatory 911 transcripts (altered by the Obamamedia) as a basis for the DOJ to intervene.

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