Aaaand…The March to 2016 Began Yesterday

Right wing talk radio’s ability to infuriate is a near constant in the world we inhabit. Rare are the days when a lefty can use the AM dial as a soothing balm. Shadenfreude Enthusiasts, today is your day. The events of Tuesday night are pretty much having the same affect as that miracle fruit that makes everything taste sweet.

Never a particularly yelly pundit, noted hoagiemouth Michael Smirconish has been even more subdued, speaking positively and looking forward, four years foreword. The daily poll question on his webpage simply asks you to predict the hand on the bible on Jan 20, 2017. Ugh…here we go again.

Oh, and in cast you were wondering…it’s gonna be none of the above.

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  1. tsarstruck Says:

    Confused by this. Although Smirconish is a blowhard, he did endorse Obama. Why would you expect him to be pissed?

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