The Sold-Out Philadelphia Marathon Will Welcome Three Thousand People Who Couldn’t Run In The NYC Marathon

The Philadelphia Marathon, whose tagline “The Best Time of Your Life” rivals Sleepy’s when it comes to double meanings, has been sold-out since last month. But with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy cancelling the New York City marathon, Mayor Nutter has opened up 3,000 extra slots for runners who were registered for the NYC marathon to run in the Philly one.

The people who are selected to be among the 3,000 additions (among many more who will apply) will be selected by lottery. The lottery application page is over here and you can register there for $200, and half of that fee will go towards the Red Cross and Sandy relief efforts. Also, let us say here that it blows our minds that people are in the kind of shape to regularly run 26 miles, and they will pay for the privilege to do it.

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