And With Philadelphia’s First Snow Of The Season, Christmas Music Will Soon Be Unavoidable On The Radio

We all know how it works. Earlier and earlier every year, the Christmas Music officially takes over many of the local airwaves, playing the same six songs, in constant rotation, over and over again. For what it’s worth, internet-radio group iRadioPhilly, has already launched Mistletoe, an all Chrimbo-tunes channel.

And on your terrestrial radio, B101, which calls itself Philadelphia’s Christmas Station, will soon be rolling out all Holiday Tunes, but they are asking for your input. You can take their Holiday Music poll and tell them when you think they should start playing the music, and go song-by-song, rating which ones you do and don’t want to hear. Or, you can do what we’ll be doing, which is going on Spotify and listening to this brilliant piece of art non-stop day-and-night. Your call.

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