When Damon Feldman Sues Michael Lohan, We All Lose

You know, we didn’t think it could get any sadder for Damon Feldman, but being told off by TV’s Judge Alex (of the popular daytime court show Judge Alex) might just be the lowest point of his “career.” The incident takes place on this Friday’s episode, where Feldman’s case against Michael Lohan for missing “celebrity” “boxing” matches is heard (Lohan, for his case, claims he couldn’t make the fights because he was in jail, natch). We’re going to guess that Feldman, looking like a more protein’d-up version of the man he’s suing, wins the TV court case, but as we said above, we’re all losers here.

We checked our local listings, and the Feldman/Lohan case can be seen on Fox 29 at 1PM this Friday. So, call out of work now or you’ll miss it. This is important.

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  1. Rob Stewart Says:

    Damon is a good guy and a marketing genius. He has more talent,is more successful, and has more ambitions then the person who wrote this will ever have.

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