New Is More Poke-Around Friendly, Has Snowflakes

We screen-grabbed it so you don’t have to go there, but we now realize our screen-grabs are small.

Early this morning, unveiled their site-wide redesign and … that’s it. On the surface, it looks like a pretty minor overhaul, but it’s certainly more user friendly, with less of the constantly-changing top stories, no more drop down menus, and a holiday section (including a mall guide which weirdly includes the Moorestown Mall but not King of Prussia, which is very PhillyMag of them). But in general, it’s like is finally understanding the internet a little bit, by adding bigger and better pictures, quick ways to share the stories on social media, and all of that future stuff that people have been doing for years.

It still looks like a small town paper a little bit, but it’s a step in the right direction. And this has been “We said something nice about Don’t get used to it.”

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