With Much Of Atlantic City Damaged, You Can Sign A Petition To Ask HBO To Help

As many of us who didn’t lose power yesterday saw throughout the day on the news, Atlantic City got much of the brunt of the storm. The boardwalk got torn up and was floating down the street, people were stranded, and Chris Christie was pissed (so was the Mayor of AC).

As the rain stops and the damage comes into full view, it’s going to take support from the state of New Jersey and likely FEMA to get Atlantic City back to where it was. And as the slow process begins, who else can help? Well, HBO can of course. A local resident has begun a petition to ask the people at HBO and Boardwalk Empire to pitch in and help with the recovery effort.

We also expect calls to come for support money from the multi-million dollar money-making machines also known as casinos that litter Atlantic City. They’ll be fine, but it’s the part of the city that already might not have been in the best shape that got hit the hardest. Meanwhile, instead of using some of his tons of money to help out AC, Donald Trump spent the time during the storm being as full of himself as he possibly could.

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