PA Is Part Of The Largest Geo-Targeted Online Ad Buy Ever, And The Ads Are Just Terrible

As we are being told from every angle (and every person we know), the women’s vote is very important in this upcoming presidential election. In order to court the women’s vote for the Republican Party, a group called Independent Women’s Voice, has dropped $7.4 million for geo-targeted online ads in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

While conservatives are having a mini-freakout over the Lena Dunham “My First Time” ad because it uses innuendo to compare your first time voting to your first time having sex, the IWV ads compare Obama to a bad boyfriend, all while kinda talking down to women. Each ad features one woman complaining to another about their deadbeat boyfriend (but guess what, it’s not their boyfriend, it’s their president!), while the other woman has all the answers, and all the answers are Romney. And if you think the ads might be weird and kind of odd, don’t worry, that is an actual screen-grab up there.

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