Pinterest’s Most Wanted: Straight Outta Pottstown

Along with organizing pictures of really cute shoes and destination wedding ideas, Pinterest is now fighting crime. The Pottstown Mercury‘s Wanted By Police page has a list of locally wanted fugitives complete with mugshots. Users can comment and post tips like, “I seen him pulling out of Union Jacks on Hoffmansville Road,” or “Try up on old Reading Pike, his girlfriend’s name is Jody.” Since the page was set up by the Mercury’s ingenious crime reporter Brandie Kessler,┬áPolice Capt. F. Richard Drumheller said arrests were up 58 percent.

We all want to fight crime, but it’s sometimes hard to get up of the couch, let alone put on tights or get bitten by a radioactive spider. Now you can just click here and see if you can clean up the streets. The streets of Pottstown anyway. And then go check out cupcake recipes.

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