And Now, Here Is A Dude Who Rides Around Philly With A Cat On His Shoulder

We have so many feelings about this. Firstly, there is a (big) part of us that is kind of amazed at the whole spectacle of this. We mean, it’s simple: A guy rides a bike with a cat on his shoulder. But it is exactly this kind of thing that the internet was so tailor-made for. Self-facing camera? Check. Hip soundtrack with cat sounds? Check. Fixed-gear? (Probably) check. And most importantly, CAT ON SHOULDER? Check. Part of us thinks this may be the point of no return; the point where mustaches and vests and top hats collide into one regrettable moment. But part of us feels that this is exactly the kind of weirdness we never want Philly to lose. We don’t know why, but we can’t stop watching this. And only one thing really stands out: Would someone please get that cat a little cat helmet in case it falls off? We know they always land on their feet and all that, but you can never be too safe.

4 Responses to “And Now, Here Is A Dude Who Rides Around Philly With A Cat On His Shoulder”

  1. Aaron Grando Says:

    I pretty seriously hate this guy, mainly because my cat would never ride on my shoulder. But, that’s why I put her on a shirt:

  2. Cronmoax Says:

    Best kitten in the world? Yes. I think once he gets bigger there should be some sort of a harness situation put in place. Luckyyyyyy.

  3. Amarikah Says:

    I love all the people suggesting a little helmet as if that’s something a cat would actually deign to wear and not spend the whole ride dangerously trying to extricate itself from.

  4. Amanda Cerini Says:

    when i was 12, i used to rollerblade around norristown with my cat in my backpack while listening to the crown soundtrack. 1995 wins! s.t.p. 4 evr!

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