Festival Preview: The 21st Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

Well, it’s here: The 21st Annual Philadelphia Film Festival kicks off tomorrow night with the opening screening, The Silver Linings Playbook. Following the B-Coops Delco movie, the fest continues on with over 100 screenings over the next ten days. We’ll be posting nightly and weekend picks of what screenings to check out throughout the fest, but meet us after the jump for our preliminary picks of what films and screenings to check out. Tickets are already going pretty quickly, and you can check out more ticket information here.


Philly-based filmmaker Chinonye Chukwu explores the struggle of balancing cultural heritage and larger world pressures while dealing with familial frictions in his debut film. The film falls into the Greater Philmadelphia category and has three screenings, all with Christina Choe’s I Am John Wayne.
Friday October 19, 5PM @ Prince Music Theater; Tuesday October 23, 5PM @ RAVE Auditorium 6; Thursday October 25, 10:15PM @ Prince Music Theater — Ticket information available here.

Beware of Mr. Baker

In what is probably the only doc at the fest this year where the subject breaks the filmmakers nose with a cane, Jay Bulger talks with Ginger Baker (and some of his famous “friends”) about the road that has led him to where he is now … on a ranch in South Africa with 39 ponies.
Friday October 19, 5PM @ RAVE Auditorium 6; Sunday October 21, 9:40PM @ Ritz East — Ticket information is available here and here.

Beyond the Hills

The Romanian exorcism-gone-wrong film by second-time filmmaker Christian Mingiu brings you into the barren, snow-covered Romanian landscape, where nuns try to convert a young girl to their ways and treat resistance as demonic posession. The film brought home screenplay and acting awards at Cannes.
Saturday October 20, 2:10PM @ Ritz East; Tuesday October 30, 7PM @ Ritz East — Ticket info is available here.

Not Fade Away

Sopranos creator David Chase teams up with James Gandolfini again to tell the story of a father and son who have to deal with growing up, growing apart, friends, family, and rock-and-roll as the son leaves home to form a band in the 1960s. The soundtrack was produced by Steven Van Zandt, because who else.
Friday October 19, 7:20PM @ Prince Music Theater; Saturday October 20, 12:20PM @ Ritz East — Ticket info is available here and here.

Stand Up Guys

Like Space Cowboys for criminal action-comedies, Stand Up Guys brings together Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, and Al Pacino for one final ride in what may be Pacino’s last night on Earth.
Saturday October 20, 5PM @ Prince Music Theater — Ticket info is available here.

We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists

Brian Knappenberger‘s documentary about the world-famous (and world-infamous) hacker group Anonymous takes an inside look at the group from its early days to its current world-frightening status. He’s able to talk to journos, academics, and Anonymous members themselves to shine a light on a group that thrives in the dark.
Saturday October 20, 5:05PM @ RAVE Auditorium 6; Monday October 22, 10PM @ Ritz East — Ticket info is available here and here.

Gimme The Loot

First-time director Adam Leon tells the tale of two street artists who need to raise $500 to complete their masterpiece — a tag on the New York Mets’ home-run apple.
Thursday October 25, 7:25PM @ Ritz Bourse; Sunday October 28, 2:15PM @ Ritz Bourse — The screenings are free, but you still need a ticket. Ticket info is available here.

The Comedy

Tim Heidecker stars in director Rick Alverson‘s dark comedy, which has been described as “boundary-pushing,” “subversive,” and “confrontational.” Ya know, if that’s your thing.
Sunday October 21, 7:05PM @ RAVE Auditorium 6; Wednesday October 24, 10:10PM @ Ritz Bourse — The screenings are free, but you still need a ticket. Ticket info is available here.

Keep your eyes tuned here every day of the festival for other screenings worth checking out.

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