Q102 To Present The Bieber In Annual Offering Of Music For Little Assholes

Oh dear, it’s that time of year again: Q102’s Jingle Ball, when the music you hear while buying milk, bread and cigarettes comes to life and becomes real on a local stage — or at least as real as, you know, the person to whom the record is credited lip-synching before an audience made of (younger) people who know what that record is. (Kind of like professional wrestling!)

In any case, the annual holiday concert, Q102’s Jingle Ball 2012, presented by XFINITY, takes place on Wednesday, December 5, at Wells Fargo Center, and the lineup will include Justin Bieber, PSY and Cher Lloyd. We tell you this in plain English because, if there’s a person in your life that is excited about this, chances are, you will not be able to understand them when they tell you about it.

One measly dollar from each ticket will go to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which apparently exists, and here is a quote from Stan Priest, Q102’s Program Director that made us chuckle: “Our listeners anticipate this event to experience live performances by the most talented artists and to discover new artists.” That’s one way to think of it, but we prefer to regard it another way: As Damon Feldman‘s pre-audition round.

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