Fairmount Boatbuilder Has Bronze Stolen, Needs Your Help To Get His Boat Into The Water

Jonah Eaton is a boatbuilder. He and his family have been building boats since the 80s, and he has been spending the last 8-years-or-so building a 42-foot sailboat by hand in a warehouse in Fairmount. The boat, to be christened The Aramingo, was all set for a fall launch when, a few weeks ago, scrap thieves busted into his shop and took much of the brass (about $8,500 worth) that he had been collecting and salvaging for use on the boat’s construction. In a mission to not spend years and years looking for more scrap bronze, Eaton has launched a Kickstarter page to raise money to replace the rudder post, one of the more imporant pieces taken.

We can’t even imagine the amount of effort and work that went in to actually constructing this thing by hand. Luckily for Eaton, the page has already reached the goal of $2,100, but there are still 25 days left to contribute to help Eaton cover the rest of the costs from the loss of all the bronze. You can make a contribution over here (a donation of only $1 gets you a chance to “drop by the shop, just to check things out or swing a hammer for a bit”), and maybe even get your name on the rudder. And you can see pictures from the build over here, just to get a sense of the scale of the thing.

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