The Electric Factory Is Celebrating 17 Years With $17 Tickets

At some point this month, it will officially be 17 years since the Electric Factory opened its doors. To celebrate this, beginning at noon tomorrow, tickets for the Electric Factory’s remaining concerts for 2012 will be on sale for $17. The price drop will last only 17 days (you’re probably starting to see the pattern), but will be in effect from every show from PiL on Wednesday to The Starting Line on December 30th. Other notable shows in that date range include Cat Power, Band of Horses, Nas and Lauryn Hill, and … uh … DJ Pauly D.

Every ticket purchased in cash at the box office will be $17 and free of any service charges (if you order online or with a card, you are at the whim of the Ticketmaster service charge machine). In addition, anyone buying tickets in person at the box office will receive a commemorative Electric Factory t-shirt which you should under no circumstances ever wear inside the Electric Factory. So get them tickets, and we’ll see you at Get the Led Out.

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  1. Ana PĂ©rez Says:

    Any visibility on what the passcode is for the online ticket sales via Ticketmaster?

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