People Of SEPTA Round 3: Using The Scientific Method To Prove This Site Is For Dicks

Firstly, let say that it has been a long time since we have done any “science” things, and we apologize in advance for any errors in “science.” We were never that great at it, and we had to use Google to find out the steps of the scientific method. But now, we present our science fair project: “People of SEPTA is for Dicks.”

Step 1. Ask a Question
Who is the People of SEPTA page for?

Step 2. Do Background Research
We’re not going to link to any specific posts, but just have a look for yourself.

Step 3. Construct a hypothesis
People of Septa is for dicks.

Step 4. Test Hypothesis with experiment
We actually didn’t have to do this one for ourselves. Over on the Facebook page’s wall, one woman decided to start flipping over the tables in the temple, not with her hands, but with sarcasm. The immediate response was from like-minded people who exercised their first amendment right to hit the “like” button. And then came the site’s locals.

Well, really only a handful of regulars. They do their best to justify the site, misunderstand analogies, and resort to good old fashioned name-calling (one man needs only nine previous comments to decide it was the time and place to throw down the C-bomb). He also calls the original poster a troll for putting this on the People Of SEPTA page, apparently confusing “troll” with “voice of reason.” And then, in a move many would consider grasping at straws, the site’s administrator chimes in with the “you aren’t a real Philadelphian” argument. The same person then goes on to say, “Junkies, homeless, and other social burdens have no dignity,” because running a site that points and laughs at these people makes you the dignity police.

Step 5. Analyze and draw a conclusion
It’s all just so gross. Someone pulled out the “it’s so sad you just have to laugh” thing, to which we say, NO. It’s one thing to look at your own life, at your own situation, and feel that “sometimes you just gotta laugh at it,” thing, but that’s to yourself. When you look at others and think that, you’re a dick. Which completes (and we think proves) our hypothesis: the People of SEPTA page is for dicks.

Step 6. Communicate your findings

[Image via Getting Smart]

7 Responses to “People Of SEPTA Round 3: Using The Scientific Method To Prove This Site Is For Dicks”

  1. rk Says:

    I’d start a “people of septa #2″ page with photos of everyone who posts on “people of septa” but facebook controversies are barely worthy of philebrity posts, let alone more than 5 minutes of my time (though I did enjoy this one). And I’m at 4:53…so, bye.

  2. PMcI Says:

    My favorite part is the repeated argument that they’re “not laughing at poverty and lack of healthcare!” without seeming to understand that you can do that without literally saying the words “poverty and lack of healthcare are funny” while you’re laughing.

  3. PMcI Says:

    Or maybe the best part is the woman who asserts that the only options one has when in vague proximity to someone whose weight or hair you don’t like, are to make fun of them on the internet or to seethe silently.

  4. PeteQuince Says:

    “I don’t really give a crap what you think of me. And I’m probably older than you (49) ”

    Yeah! THAT’ll show her for calling you a low-life!

  5. PeteQuince Says:

    They probably think that someone can’t be a racist if he says he isn’t, and that “passw0rd” is a really sneaky e-mail password.

  6. 1980CHAMPS Says:

    I think I’m more disgusted that I found out that I have friends that actually like that fucking shitty page.

  7. Katierose Gohard Says:

    when i first liked the page i was looking more for just people acting weird (singing, dancing and being crazy as hell) i dont really like the pictures of the drug addicts or overweight people bc it just boils down to being mean. i still like the page bc there are funny pictures on there, i just choose to not partake in belittling people bc of their station in life. and sometimes stick up for them.

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