Video Of Cop Punching Woman Goes National, To The Surprise Of No One

When video surfaced yesterday of former Daily News sexy single Lt. Jonathan Josey cold-cocking a woman in the face at this weekend’s Puerto Rican Day Parade, it understandably made all the local news outlets. And now, the story is going through its natural progression as national news outlets weigh in. NBC, ABC, and Fox have all covered the story, and the woman the outlaw Josey wails on has now been identified as Aida Guzman of Chester. Josey is currently on administrative leave.

For his part, Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby, as quoted by Fox, mentioned that the officers didn’t know if the liquid that was thrown (which was not thrown by Guzman) was water, urine, or chemicals, which somehow makes punching a woman armed with a can of silly string acceptable. And for their part, the PPD are asking anyone who has at the parade and witnessed the incident to call Internal Affairs.

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