Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Forbes Magazine, Masters Of The Hip, Name NoLibs One Of America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods

The people over at Forbes Magazine, widely known as America’s hippest magazine, have ranked America’s top 20 “Hipster Neighborhoods.” Northern Liberties came in at a respectable #14, with Forbes saying:

Sometimes called NoLibs, this hood is fast falling prey to a hipster influx. With one of the highest walkability scores on our list, it boasts some of Philly’s best restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries. Clubs, bars, and bowling offer funky nightlife festivities. And for those literary lovers with gothic streak, the house once inhabited by Edgar Allen Poe is located here.”

Yes, because there are few things hipsters love more than “funky nightlife festivities.” You may be wondering how Forbes created this list. Well, they “assessed each area’s walkability according to; the number of neighborhood coffee shops per capita … ; the assortment of local food trucks … ; the number and frequency of farmers markets; the number of locally owned bars and restaurants; and the percentage of residents who work in artistic occupations.” You know what? That’s actually not a horrible strategy for figuring this out. What is a horrible strategy though, is publishing it in Forbes Magazine.

  • thegreengrass

    But doesn’t appearing in Forbes make you instantly uncool?

  • pete n pete

    I remember before it was cool to appear in Forbes magazine.

  • Christopher Somers

    National publicity is not a bad thing to put an area on the national map, and Philadelphia as well. Not for nothing, the other areas on the list are some great spots.