We Could Be In For A White Christmas, And Thanksgiving, And Election Day According To The Farmer’s Almanac

As we ease our way into fall, we can’t help by have our eyes fixed down the road on winter. Will it snow? How much will it snow? Will winter more or less completely miss us like last year? We’ve already seen Accuweather’s prediction for this winter (image above) which is simply this: More snow than usual. And now, the Farmer’s Almanac has thrown their hat into the ring, according to The Inquirer. The Farmer’s Almanac people get a little more in-depth than Accuweather, going as far to predict snow on Christmas, around Election Day, and around Thanksgiving. It should be noted that these predictions are generalized for the whole area from Virginia up to Massachusetts, and also that they are no more reliable than complete guesses. But hey, SCIENCE!

We’ll just be waiting to see what Hurricane Schwartz has to say before we start stockpiling rock salt, but a little bit of the powdery stuff wouldn’t exactly be the worst thing.

  • 1980CHAMPS

    Remember last years predictions? It was supposed it actually consist of snow. Funny considering we saw more snow in October than we did in the “actual” winter.

  • thegreengrass